Top 17 Mac Tips and Tricks For Your Mac

Ever since Mac computers first came into existence, they have been regarded as the epitome of man-made machinery. It was the first time that owning an electric device made you appear classy or sophisticated. Since then, Apple has consistently launched a new variation of this product that has continued to awe and inspire users. Even though it seems as though MacBooks have always been around there are still plenty of secret Mac timesavers that we either don't know or have forgotten. In this list, we are going to the Top 17 Mac Tips and Tricks to help you get the most of your laptop.

1. Crop and resize pictures

Using the Mac preview app, you can easily and directly tweak images. With the latest updates, this has been further enhanced and now has even greater capabilities.

2. Make customized keyboard shortcuts

Most of the keyboard shortcuts included in the Mac device are really useful. However, you may require personalized shortcuts. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts. Click the + button to add a new alternative. Pick a unique key combination to invoke the command, then click Add.

3. View another screen remotely

Mac now offers a straightforward way to view someone else's screen or even control their Mac over the internet. This trick can be helpful for you if you are working on a project with someone or you're troubleshooting their computer. You can launch screen sharing using Spotlight and then enter the Apple ID of the computer you're trying to connect with.

4. Text using your Mac computer

Ever since the launch of Yosemite, you can now send and receive text messages using your Mac. All you have to do is turn on the Text Message Forwarding option under Settings > Messages on your iPhone. This method will enable you to use your laptop the same as you use your phone.

5. Name conversation threads

Following the above tip, after you sync your iPhone with your Mac computer, you then have the option of renaming your conversation thread. This method can help you remember important conversations, or you can save a particularly good joke.

The above tips and tricks can save you a lot of time and can solve plenty of problems involving your computer. If you know any , be sure to share them with us.

6. Adjust the volume in lesser increments

There is no doubt that most Apple devices come with incredible sound. However, now you can adjust the volume of your computer in smaller increments. This can help you if you are in a noisy environment or if there are people around you and you wish to be considerate.

7. Share and monitor purchases

You can now share what you want to buy with up to 6 people, and they can add to the cost if they like. This is a great way for parents to monitor their kids as they also have the further option of approving or rejecting the purchases.

8. Automatically hide and show the menu bar

The menu bar was originally a fixture on the Mac computer. However, in recent times mac has allowed you to change this preference by accessing Open System Preferences and general properties.

9. Talk to and listen to your Mac

Macs dictation app was already very impressive but now using either the Command and Space keys or clicking the icon on your Dock or Menu Bar, you can ask the same Siri you use on your iPhone. However, this Siri comes with a boatload of extra capabilities. Not only can it answer your questions, but it can also toggle system functions and close apps.

10. Do unit conversions in Spotlight

Now in addition to doing calculations in Spotlight, you can also convert measurements in Yosemite. You can either do specific unit conversions such as 3 yards in feet or type in 3 yards, and the program will provide alternatives to you on its own.

11. Run Windows

We understand that most people don't care to run windows, which is why they buy an Apple product. However, sometimes it can be useful to either play a new game or run a software that has no Mac equivalent. You can either run virtual apps such as Parallels Desktop or VirtualBox or partition your hard disk to run Windows on it separately.

12. Take screenshots of any size

You can now use your Mac device to take a screenshot of a particular window or part of your screen. To take a picture of your entire screen, press Shift, Command and 3 at the same time; the screenshot will then be saved to your desktop. For a portion of the screen, the shortcut is Shift-Command-4 and will also be saved on your desktop.

13. Sign PDFs directly in Mail

You can now sign your emails directly through your email if you are using a Mac computer. You can either scan a piece of paper with your signature on it or draw it using the trackpad.

14. Renaming Files in Bulk

Prior to Yosemite, you had to use a third party application like Automator or AppleScript to rename files. However, you can now rename files in bulk by selecting them in batches and changing their title directly through your device.

15. Use Split Screen

Using a split screen on Mac is now much easier. To launch the dual screen mode, you should hold down a left-click on an app's green maximize button in the top-left hand side; you can then drag it to be positioned on the left or right-hand side of the display.

16. Store whatever you want in iCloud

Previously you could only save files from select Apple programs in an iCloud drive. However, with the new updates, you can create your own files or just put data separately into iCloud Drive using the Desktop or Documents folder

17. Close tabs left open on other devices

It may be that you gave your iPhone or iPad to a colleague or relative without remembering to close a sketchy tab. Situations like this can get awkward really fast. Well, know you can dodge these types of circumstances using your Mac computer. Any tab that is left open on any device signed into your Apple ID from Safari can be closed since the launch of Yosemite.

The above tips and tricks can save you a lot of time and can solve plenty of problems involving your computer. If you know any more Mac tips, be sure to share them with us.

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