How to Use a Label Maker

You just spent twenty minutes digging through your pantry trying to find the container of whole wheat flour.  Before, you already spent 15 minutes searching through your pile of printed recipes to find the one bread recipe you wanted.  This is the perfect time to get organized and one of the most helpful tools for that task?  A label maker.

These little machines make it simple, and kind of fun, to organize your house and get your life in order.  Our label makers get such frequent use; they are one of the only machines in the house not gathering dust!  

If you have never used one and are wondering how to use a label maker, we’ll help you learn the ins and outs of this handy organizational tool!

Using Your Label Maker

There plenty of label makers on the market and each has some pros and cons.  We’ll focus on how to use the basic handheld models because each one is similar.  You can find fancier label makers that come with their own software and computer programs, but those also usually include a tutorial.

1. Picking the Perfect Tape and Color

Before you start your label mania, make sure you select the right tape and color for your purposes.  You can find plain white labels, clear labels, and some models have the entire rainbow of colors to choose.  

Clear labels tend to be the most popular because they blend in with whatever you label.  Maybe you want fun colors for labeling toy bins in your kid’s room or need to color code file folders for your business.  Either way, choose the right color for the job.

2. Loading the Cartridge

Once you pick the cartridge with the right color and ink, it’s time to put it into the device.  Most label makers load on the back of the machine and are simple.  Remove the back and fit the cartridge into the spot.  

Make sure you load the tape on the correct side of the machine, so it can print out without jamming.  Many devices have a button that cuts the tape once the label finishes printing.  You might need to feed the tape through that side so it can print right away.

After you have loaded the cartridge and fed the tape through the cutter a little, then close the back and get ready to make your labels.

3. Designing Your Label

Now comes the fun and creative part! Depending on the type of label maker you have, you might be limited in how you create the label.  At the very least, you will be able to print in one font and color.

Most label makers are set up with a qwerty style keyboard, and you type just like you would on a computer.  Your label maker might also have buttons that allow you to change the font size or style as well as do things like bold or italicize the text.  

Use the menu and navigation keys to type what you want on your label.  You should be able to see what you type on the screen of the label maker.  You can double check spelling and size before you hit print.  

4. Using Special Text Keys

You might have a label maker that has a few extra settings than more basic models.  Some devices have a button that can change the typing from vertical to horizontal.  This is helpful if a regular horizontal label doesn’t fit on whatever you label.

You might also be able to change the language of the label maker.  You can find that tool under the setting button of your device.  

Some label makers have memory storage, and you can save up to a certain number of labels.  This feature is helpful if you use your label maker for your business or need to print out the same labels a few times.

5. Printing and Cutting Your Label

After you have designed your label the way you would like, it’s time to print.  Your device might have a print button on the front, and if that’s the case, all you need to do is press it.  Simple.  

If you don’t have a print button, you might have to navigate to the tools or settings to find the print options.  Most newer models have the key though, so you don’t have to hunt around for a way to print your label.

After the label is finished printing, you can cut it from the device.  On the side where the label printed out, you should find a button that will cleanly cut the label.  Press this down with one hand and swiftly rip the label with your other hand.  It’s as easy as ripping tape from a tape dispenser.  

6. Stick and Enjoy

After you have cut the label from the device, just peel the back off and stick it wherever.  The tape should be strong enough to adhere to most surfaces.  Most label tape is also specially designed so that it is easy to remove if you need to switch labels.

7. Fun Uses for Your Label Maker

Once you get the hang of using your label maker, you can start to play around with it and get creative.  Try using your label maker for:

  • Pantry items
  • File folders 
  • Toy bins
  • Crafting supplies
  • Meal planning
  • Gift tags
  • Organizing electrical and charger cords
  • Place cards for holiday meals
  • Labeling things around your house to learn a new language
  • As name tags for glasses at a party 

There are so many uses for your label make that we’re sure you can use it every single day!

Your label maker will quickly become your favorite tool for organizing your home and your life.  Many label makers are very intuitive to use, and you should pick up how to use it quickly.

If you still can’t figure out the how-to of your new label maker, you can find quick tutorial videos online or just check the manufacturer’s website.  Once you get the hang of it, you might start to find excuses just to bust out your label maker!

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