6 Truths About Millennial Buying Power

6 truths about millennial buying power - 6 Truths About Millennial Buying Power

Millennials are the largest living generation with 75.4 million people falling into the category.Millennials are beginning to take over the markets as well, as more enter the workforce every year. Still, companies are using the same tactics as they did with previous generations.Millennial consumers, though, are not the same as their parents and grandparents. Companies … Read more

8 Benefits of Meditation

8 benefits of meditation - 8 Benefits of Meditation

Mediation has been around for longer than our recorded history can take us. With guided meditation apps like Headspace, meditation is making a comeback in the public awareness, and many people are researching the benefits of meditation on the mind.If you’re intrigued by the idea of meditating but want to know what it will do … Read more

Men Underwear Buying Tips

men underwear buying tips - Men Underwear Buying Tips

You’re a guy who is ready to learn. You want to know the best way to do things — including buying your underwear. There are lots of options that probably weren’t around when you were a kid. Why settle for what you’ve always bought? Learn how to find the perfect pair of underwear with these … Read more