Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018

Do you get too much attention for your large breasts? Men may love them, but large breasts can be a nightmare for most women. From backaches to constant fear of spillovers, not to mention the dilemma of finding outfits that fit you, problems are legion for big breasted women. A comfortable minimizer bra is what you need if you want your breasts to appear smaller and more shapely.

Most women have trouble finding the right sized bra, with studies indicating that over 80% of women wear ill-fitting bras. Finding the best minimizer bra regarding comfort and shape is no easy task, especially for women with larger breasts. This is why we have created this review list, populated with some of the highest rated products available online.

Top Picks For Best Minimizer Bra

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Lilyette by Bali Women’s Comfort Minimizer Keyhole Embellished Bra
These are bras made from a blend of 88% Nylon and 12% Lycra Elastane. They have underwire cups, center keyhole cutout, and mesh overlays. The feature list is completed by Hook and eye closures, and adjustable straps.
Price range: $40 - $45

*at the time of publishing

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This is a great minimizer bra with soft nylon-lycra blended cups. The fabric is an 88 - 12 blend of nylon and lycra. Even though they don't have any extra padding, the cups are very soft indeed. You get extra coverage and support, thanks to these full coverage cups.

And you are sure to get loads of support, thanks to the underwire cups. The cups look smooth and have pretty lace mesh overlays. This is no granny bra, and you get stylish center keyhole cuts that amp up the style quotient.

It is available in three different colors, ranging from ivory white, black, and rum raising/ivory. The choice of colors is a bit low when compared to some other brands, but the extra comfort level in these bras more than make up for that.

The straps are wide and adjustable, and exceedingly comfortable on your shoulders. And unlike in many other bras, these are not half bad to look at either. So you can even wear these bras with thinly strapped outfits if you cannot find a good strapless minimizer bra.

And talking about size options, the Lilyette bra is available in no less than 15 different sizes, ranging from 36C to 42DDD. Fit levels are extremely satisfactory.

Users have praised this bra for the level of support and minimizing the effect it gives their breasts. Many also commented on the stylish design and comfort level offered by these bras.

pros - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Great support and minimizing effect
  • Cute and stylish design
  • Available in many sizes
cons - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • No padding at all, so not for cold days!
  • Not machine washable
  • Straps could be a bit more robust
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Vanity fair Women’s Beauty Back Minimizer Full Figure Underwire Bra
The fabric is a blend of 78% nylon and 22% spandex. It has stay in place adjustable straps, and no-poke underwire cups. They are fastened using hook and eye closure.
Price range: $80 - $90

*at the time of publishing

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Available in all the sizes from 36C to 44DDD, these are incredibly comfortable bras from Vanity Fair. The cup fabric is a soft blend of nylon and spandex in a ratio of 78:22. They offer excellent support due to a full coverage design. The support is increased by double-ply cups with underwires.

The straps are incredibly comfortable with extra cushioning and are adjustable from the back. Thanks to a honeycomb design and wide placement, they stay in place securely. These bras work well with t-shirts owing to a seamless look.

These bras are available in half a dozen different colors, ranging from white and black, to beige and orchid. Some color option has lace patterns on the cups. Regarding looks and style, these bras do not have much to offer, which is why they are not on the top of our list.

The bras have regular hook and eye closures at the back for a secure fit.There are four rows of clasps at the back for extra safety and security.

Women love this bra for its excellent minimizing effect and support for both breasts. Many also love how wide and comfortable the straps are, when compared to regular bras.

pros - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Good quality materials
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent support and minimizing effect
  • Wide and padded straps
cons - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Underwire makes noise against fabrics
  • Not very stylish
  • Cups run a little large for the size
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Wacoal Women’s Slimline Seamless Minimizer Bra
The fabric of this bra is a blend of nylon and spandex (80:20), while the lining is pure nylon. These are seamless underwire bras with a V-shaped neckline. They have decorative embroidery and come with adjustable straps.
Price range: $70 - $80

*at the time of publishing

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With nylon linings and a nylon-spandex blended cups, this is a very comfortable minimizer bra from Wacoal. The cup fabric is an 80-20 blend of nylon and spandex and offers full coverage. You get excellent support due to the seamless underwire structure used.

The bra is available in just two colors, black, and flesh or “natural nude” color. The fabric is shiny, but inside your regular clothes, that is not much of a bother. Since there is no pattern or lace in front, this smooth cup bra is perfect for t-shirts and other tight-fitting clothes.

The straps are quite wide and offer genuine comfort, without digging into your shoulders. They are adjustable and feature a nice looking scalloped trim. The bras are available in a smaller size range, from 32DD to 40DDD.

Most users have only good things to say about the comfort and minimizing the impact of these bras. But they also mention that this range seems to run a size too small to the cup size mentioned.

pros - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Seamless design
  • Excellent support from underwire design
cons - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Runs a size too small
  • Underwire doesn't stay inside fabric for too long
  • Too expensive
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Chantelle Women’s C Magnifique Seamless Unlined Minimizer
The cups are made from a blend of polyamide (76%), and spandex (24%), while the lining is a similar blend, with a higher amount of spandex. These are seamless underwire bras, with hook and eye closure, and a U-shaped back.
Price range: $80 - $90

*at the time of publishing

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Chantelle bucks the trend in our top 5 list of the best minimizer bra options, with a polyamide-spandex blend instead of the usual nylon offerings. The knit lining is also made from the same blend, although with a higher percentage of spandex (33-67 instead of 24-76). Like many other bras on our list, this one also features a seamless design.

The cups though are lightly lined for better fit and comfort. They offer excellent support with a full cup design. You get a lot of interesting choices when it comes to color and patterns with Chantelle. This range includes at least a dozen different shades, including the usual black, white and nude, as well as brighter colors like lavender, icy blue, and poppy red.

The sizes run all the way from 32D all the way to 44DDD. The minimizing effect is pretty decent in these bras. They are pretty stylish to look at, with various patterns to choose from. The straps are also rather comfortable, with secure hook and eye closure at the back.

Many women have commented that these French bras give them that perfectly shaped look, with just the right amount of minimizing. They also say that the bras are incredibly comfortable with soft inner lining inside the cups.

pros - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Many patterns and colors
  • Maximum coverage and support
  • Smooth and seamless
  • Extremely stylish and easy on the eyes
cons - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Runs one size too small
  • No nipple coverage
  • Short straps
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Olga Women’s Butterfly Effect Minimizer Bra
he fabric of this bra is made from a blend of 83% nylon and 17% spandex. These are full coverage bras with keyhole at center front. They have adjustable camisole straps, hook and eye closure, and underwire support.
Price range: $30 - $40

*at the time of publishing

barcode - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018


With lace trim and a keyhole at the center, this is a very cute looking bra from Olga. They offer full coverage and come with encased underwire structure for extra support and stability. The fabric is the usual mix of nylon and spandex, with a ratio of 83-17.

The availability of sizes is pretty wide, ranging from 34D-44DDD. Color options range from black and white to mink, and toasted almond. The cups do not have much padding, but that is a standard feature on most minimizing bras.

The bra has a rather seamless design, which works well when combined with the smooth surface on the outside of the cups. As for the straps, they have a camisole design and work just fine. The hook and eye closure at the back is standard for most bras.

This Olga bra quietly impresses without standing out for any special feature. Online user reviews also reflect this sentiment. It is a decent minimizer bra, with few class-leading features, and even fewer flaws.

pros - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Decent fit and comfort
  • Full coverage
  • Seamless design with smooth cups
cons - Best Minimizer Bra Reviews – 2018
  • Straps are on the thinner side
  • Wiring can get noisy
  • Lace design peeks through t-shirts
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Product Buying Guide

These are specially designed bras that can reduce your visible breast size by at least a couple of inches. They do it with specially shaped cups. These cups are designed for even distribution of your breast mass all over the cup. They are not intended to squeeze your breasts down to a smaller size. Instead, they just hold your breasts down while giving a compelling illusion of smaller, more compact breasts.

Who needs minimizing bras?

Style experts recommend that every woman with a medium-large sized chest should own at least one minimizing bra. They are an excellent choice for clothes that look better with a more subdued and compact silhouette. Think buttoned-down shirts, t-shirts, or tight sweaters. They can make your large bosoms extra noticeable.

The best minimizer bra for your size can remove this headache. And since they can hold your breasts firmly in check without bouncing around, these are also great for women who workout, or are very active physically.

What is the right size for my minimizer bra?

As we already mentioned, a minimizer bra is not supposed to squeeze your breasts down. So you don't need to go looking for a smaller size than your regular cup and band size. Stick to the same size that you would regularly use, provided that you are sure that you have the right fit in the first place. Studies indicate that if you have larger breasts, the chances are higher that you are wearing an incorrect bra size.

What happens if I buy it in smaller or larger size?

Obviously, if you wear a smaller sized minimizer bra, it will feel tight, and uncomfortable. And if you buy one that is one size too large, you will not get the desired fit. It will only make your breasts look wider. For the best support and look, always pick a minimizer bra in the right size for your breasts.

What are the different types of these bras?

Underwire bras offer superior support for women with large breasts. Seamless bras are ideal for use with clothes like t-shirts, as they create a smooth appearance. If you want a round, more natural shape, buy seamed cup bras. If you want to wear low neckline outfits, a strapless bra is what you need. Many manufacturers also offer strapless minimizer bra options.

What are the features to look for?

Regarding fabrics, there is a wide range of choice among minimizer bra models. You should always look for a bra that is soft, flexible, and breathable. Popular fabric options include cotton, nylon, and polyester. Try and zero in on bras that have adjustable straps. It should not be too hard, for many models sport this feature.

​​​​How to measure my breasts accurately for a minimizer bra?

When doing any measurement for a bra size, always wear a bra first for accurate results. Use a soft tape, and measure the fullest part of your bosom for the bust size, and under the bust for the band size. You need cup size and band size to buy the right fitting bra. To get your cup size, merely subtract your band size from your bust size. You can easily find charts online to figure the measurements and their relevant letters, like A, B, C, and D


Minimizer bras are specially designed pieces that serve one purpose: to minimize your bosom size and give a better-looking profile. They are not very good at some other stuff, like providing adequate padding against visible nipples for instance. That being said, the best minimizer bra according to our research is the Lilyette by Bali. These bras are low on comfort, but this bucks that trend. It is extremely comfortable despite having no padding and provide excellent support thanks to underwire structure. Add a seamless design and smooth cups, and we have a clear winner. And online ratings and user reviews only serve to back up our conclusions.

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