Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018

Are an RC Drone or quadcopter enthusiast? Do you own or plan to buy a lot of such toys and drones? If so, a LiPo battery charger is an essential accessory for you. LiPo batteries are all around us, in compact electronic devices. But in most of these devices like mobiles and tablets, we can make do with the battery inside the device.

RC toys and drones are not like that. These drones can use a single battery charge in a matter of minutes. So you will need multiple batteries, and the best lipo charger to keep them full of juice. But the market is flooded with cheap and off-brand products, and finding the best lipo battery charger can take a lot of time. This is why we have compiled this list of the leading brands online in this niche.

Top Picks For Best Lipo Charger

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SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 Dual Power Professional RC Balancing Battery Charger
This is an advanced charger rated at a massive 6Amps and 50 Watts. It is compatible with seven different types of batteries: LiPo, LiHV, Li-Ion, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH, and Lead acid batteries. It is compatible with LiPo batteries rated up to 6S.

The charger has advanced safety features like temperature and charging limits. It has a built-in processor and PC connectivity support.
Price range: $60 - $65

*at the time of publishing

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If you have many rechargable lipo battery packs, and other older lead and Nickel based variants, this is an excellent all-in-one charging option. SKYRC is a very reputed brand, and this charger has a unique holographic serial number to prove its authenticity.

It has a capable processor on board to handle battery management and safety monitoring. The operating system is designed to automate the process of charging and discharging. It has advanced malfunction detection, with a built-in alarm feature. The OS/Firmware can be upgraded using a PC connection.

You have the freedom to set custom terminal voltages and save custom charge profiles for your different batteries. This can even be used as a battery internal resistance meter. That makes this a very versatile device with diagnostic capabilities.

It can work with a wide range of battery types and is powerful enough to charge your batteries quickly, thanks to the 50W rating. You get all the significant connectors like XT60, Futaba, Alligator, and Deans.

This is a charger that has garnered praise not only for its wide feature list but also its reliability and flexibility. But though this is the best lipo charger for experts, it might be overkill for beginners with just one drone or RC copter.

pros - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Excellent build quality
  • Compatible with lots of battery types
  • Powerful charger
  • Advanced safety features
cons - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • No built-in fan
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Keenstone 100W AC/DC RC Hobby Battery Balance Charger
With a 10A 100W rating, this is one of the more powerful Lipo chargers available. It can charge 15 NiCd/NiMH cells, and 6S rated Lipo batteries. The charger can also take care of lead, Li-ion, and LiFe batteries.

This a smart charger has programmable charging settings, charge progress monitor, and temperature sensor with the fan. It has a built-in individual voltage balancer.
Price range: $45 - $50

*at the time of publishing

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This Keenstone charger is a capable challenger to the SKYRC charger, and sports a higher power output at 100W. And like the SKYRC, this is a very versatile device that works with a wide range of RC, drone, and Airsoft batteries.

It has excellent features like battery balancer, cyclic charging, and fast charging. These ensure that your Lipo batteries are charged in the safest, and optimal manner. On top of that, it also works with lead, Li-Ion, NiFe, NiMH, LiFe and NiCd batteries.

You can even power your other DC devices like torches, thanks to AC/DC dual power input and DC port on the side. It has a small LCD screen to display charge and sensor data. The built-in fan has a temperature sensor to improve the safety and protection against heating up and potential damage to batteries.

Many users have commented that the speed of charging, provided by the 100W power output, is the best feature of this charger. But many were disappointed by the lack of proper user manuals and a built-in power cord.

pros - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with lots of battery types
  • 100W power
  • Can power other DC devices
cons - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Documentation is not adequate
  • No power cord provided
  • Not enough adaptors
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Venom RC Venom Pro Charger 3 RC Balance AC/DC Powered Charger
This charger has a max current capacity of 7Amp and max power of 100W. Along with 1-6S Lipo and LiFe/Li-Ion batteries, this charger can also charge 1-15 cell NiCd and NiMH batteries.

It has a built-in microprocessor with programmable thermal alarms, multiple discharge profiles, and onboard memory for configured settings. This is a fan cooled, balance charger with integrated power supply.
Price range: $80 - $85

*at the time of publishing

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Venom is another big name in the RC battery charger business, and this is another feature packed charger that could give the other contenders run for their money. Like the Keenstone, the Venom Pro 3 is a 100W charger. It can support charging rates of up to 7 amps and works with 1-6S and 1-15 cell batteries.

And since this is an advanced charger, it is also compatible with older lead and nickel-cadmium batteries. Regarding overall compatibility and versatility, the Venom is on par with the other top two chargers on our list. But unlike the Keenstone, it does provide all the major connectors along with the package.

It has all the high-end features found on the SKYRC, like storable profiles, programmable thermal temperature setting, and auto shutdown. The safety features also include a thermal alarm. The Venom Pro has a cooling fan, and a capable microprocessor to control the advanced features.

The popular verdict seems to suggest that this is a reliable charger that can handle pretty much any battery that is thrown its way. But as with many other chargers of its kind, beginners have complained that they feel quite overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles.

pros - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Fast and powerful charger
  • Works with almost all RC batteries
  • Microprocessor with automated safety features
  • Lots of customization
cons - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Inadequate manual
  • Not very durable components
  • Noisy fans
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Tenergy LiPo/Li-Fe Balance Charger
This is a smaller charged that can handle 1-4S batteries. It is suitable for the smaller LiPo, Li-Ion, and Li-Fe batteries.

It has safety features like overcharge, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection. This is a simple and compact charger in an alloy case.
Price range: $20 - $25

*at the time of publishing

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If you are a relative beginner to the world of Lipo powered devices, you don't need a massive charger that can handle a dozen different type of batteries. This Tenergy charger is not too shabby on the connectivity front, as it is compatible with LiPo, LiFe, and Li-Ion batteries.

The small charger good enough to handle the smaller quadcopter and airsoft gun batteries rated between 1S and 4S. Since this charger uses and individual charging method, it is very safe for batteries with multiple cells.

Protection features built into the charger include reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, and short circuit protection. It comes with power supply included.

This charger has a reputation of being a capable device for smaller LiPo batteries. But as many have warned, this is mainly a beginner friendly device with no bells and whistles attached.

pros - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Works well on small capacity batteries
  • Decent raft of safety features
  • Very beginner friendly device
  • Excellent value for money
cons - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Not very fast at charging
  • Not very durable
  • Plastic case
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HiTec RCD 44212x4 Micro AC/DC 1 Cell LiPo Charger
THis is another compact charger with four separate charging ports for the small micro-flyer batteries. It is designed for charging LiPo batteries rated at 1S only.

But since it has four different ports, it can charge four such batteries simultaneously. The individual ports are rated at 4W each. They also have separate digital charging displays.
Price range: $45 - $50

*at the time of publishing

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The HiTec finds a spot on this list because of its capability to handle several low capacity batteries at the same time. Versatility is strictly limited, but it is nonetheless a good option to charge multiple backup batteries in one go. It works only with 1S batteries.

This charger is an ideal option for beginners who have bought their first micro flyer, or similar low powered devices. It is essentially four 4W chargers in one. Each charger port has its digital display and LED indicator.

All the ports have four different battery connectors, so you can expect this charger to work some of the most popular LiPo battery series out there. It also looks very stylish in black, with a compact size and form factor. It is also one of the cheapest options around.

Beginners and owners of small crafts love this charger for the performance and utility it offers. Others have also commented on its robust build quality and affordable pricing.

pros - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Excellent for small 1S batteries
  • Can charge four different batteries simultaneously
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Covers almost all 1S battery types
cons - Best Lipo Charger Reviews – 2018
  • Performance is weak
  • Doesn't maintain stated voltage
  • No advanced or intermediate features
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LiPo Battery Chargers Buying Guide

When do I need a LiPo charger?

If you are an RC and drone enthusiast, or you play a lot of Airsoft, you will need these chargers. Most mobiles and tablets also sport lipo cells these days, but they come with device-specific chargers. The chargers we are dealing with here are designed to charge a rechargable lipo battery independent of a device. They are essential accessories if you play around or use devices that need multiple backup lipo batteries.

What are some common features of the best Chargers for LiPo batteries?

Balance Charging: This is an almost universal feature available on most chargers. It is an essential safety feature that prevents battery damage or fire, by making sure that voltage is balanced across all the cells in your battery. If a charger has small plugs in addition to the main charge/discharge leads, then it has balance function.

Cell Number Compatibility: Lipo batteries come in configurations of single or multiple cells in series, ranging from one to six.The best chargers can support a wide range, from 1S-6S. Try to get a charger that can support more than one or two types of batteries.

Power Output: This is described in Watts. The higher the wattage, the better and more versatile the charger, and the faster it will charge your batteries. Also, ensure that the power supply to your charger is compatible enough to deliver at least the specified wattage of the charger.

Compatibility with other Batteries: The world of battery tech is evolving at a very fast pace. We have so many outdated technologies around, like the Nickel Iron batteries (Ni-Fe), for instance. Just because they are outdated when compared to Lipo doesn't mean you won't find them useful for something or the other. So finding a charger that can work with other batteries might be useful. Many of the top-rated chargers can charge Li-ion, NiFe, NiMH, NiCd and Lead batteries.

“Smart” Safety Features: The best lipo charger models will have dedicated processors and memory on board to keep track of things while charging your battery. A lipo battery can get damaged or overheat and combust if improperly charged. Having automated safety software and features like thermal sensors on the charger can help mitigate the risk.

Storage Mode: When not in use, lipo batteries should not be stored at full charge. The safe threshold is between 50-70% charge. Having a feature on the charger that allows you to discharge the battery to safe levels before storing can be very useful.

What is some LiPo battery charging rules that I should be aware of?

  • Always keep an eye on your battery while charging. Never leave it unattended for extended periods of time.
  • Do not connect visibly swollen or damaged batteries to the charger.
  • If you have the option to charge at different rates, choose the lowest rating (1C). This will be slow, but your battery charge cycles will have a longer life.
  • Do not charge your batteries close to flammable substances, or in a vehicle. For maximum safety, charge them while they are in a lipo safe bag .
  • Never use a non-lipo charger on lipo batteries.


Lipo batteries are primarily responsible for the RC and drone revolution that we are witnessing in recent years. Individual battery capacity is still not that great, and unless you have the pricey DJI quadcopters, you can expect only a few minutes of flying time on a single charge. You need the best LiPo charger for your RC craft batteries. Of the five highlighted here in our lipo charger review, the SKYRC IMAX is the best if you are a seasoned operator with a lot of different battery types in your collection. If you are more of a beginner, the products at numbers four and five are more suitable for your probably limited needs. You may also want to check out some tips available on this handy video guide for Lipo charging beginners.

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