21st Century Quest To Manliness: Our Take on The Modern Male

While the male physique has been virtually unchanged for millennia, his role as a provider and protector has constantly evolved. Gone are the days when men hunted for food and left the rest of the job of raising a family to the women. 

With more women in the workforce, men are expected to be equal partners in rearing children and performing household duties. There are some guys who have no qualms about being a stay-at-home dad. There are about 2 million of them across America.

Are you a man who feels overwhelmed by society’s expectations? The good news is that men are all different and can be their own version of masculinity. Here are some interesting facets of the modern male:

What Defines A Contemporary Male

Today’s men are more comfortable with who they are than their ancestors were. In the past, society dictated that men should always be in control and never reveal his emotions. He was to be stoic and strong—no questions asked.

As a guy, you can still be strong and let others know how you feel. Plenty of men have no problem with showing their soft side. In contemporary living, a man is not ashamed to cry or tell his family how much he loves them. You have less stress when you are true to your feelings, advises WebMD.

The 21st-century male knows who he is and where he is going. He does not step on others to get to the top. He has an admirable work ethic and takes care of his family. His lifestyle is a fulfilling adventure each day.

The Modern Man’s Attitude

There is a big difference between self-confidence and conceit. No one likes being around an arrogant boar. Modern men are confident in their abilities without belittling others. The people in these guys’ lives appreciate their respectfulness and pleasant attitude.

One of the best asset you can have as a successful man is the ability to laugh at yourself. Guys do not have to take themselves so seriously. If you put people at ease and make them feel important, they will return the favor.

A real man will keep his word and values honesty and integrity. It is important that people trust you. Your attitude says a lot about your character.

The Modern Man’s Ideal Home

They say that a man’s home is his castle. While some guys may want a house like the one from their childhood, many others may go for a different style. If you have children, you might choose a bungalow in a kid-friendly cul-de-sac. A roomy ranch with a big yard may be your idea of contemporary living.

Are you a fun-loving bachelor? A spacious penthouse or cozy loft apartment in the city would be a great place to live. Lots of guys want their homes to be a short commute to work and some of their favorite hangouts. Although you want your place to be tech-savvy, you do not want gadgets to be your home's focal point.

Not everyone prefers living in the city. Do you like fresh country air? There is nothing like a primitive cabin style close to the woods and nature, where you can hunt and fish. No matter where you live, the love of your family makes it a home.

The Modern Man And Style

Contemporary men do not depend on passing trends. You can create a sense of modern style that is uniquely your own. Part of style is excellent grooming and hygiene. People like to see men who are clean, smell wonderful, and are impeccably dressed. Some call it the metrosexual look.

For the perfect style, build your wardrobe around classic pieces. If you do like a trend, blend it judiciously with your standard wardrobe. Buttoned-down dress shirts, well-tailored suits, silk ties, and shiny oxfords never go out of style. The best-dressed gentleman also feels comfortable in his favorite pair of jeans, a pocket t-shirt, and tennis shoes. He should find a quality cologne as his signature scent.

Modern guys also know how to dress age-appropriately. The styles that looked cool on you as a teenager would look awkward when you are older. The same goes for hairstyles. Find a modern style that frames your face well and is easy to maintain. You should forgo the spikes and bleached highlights.

The Modern Man And His Dream Job/Career

Since you were a boy, you probably dreamed about what you would be when you were an adult. Those dreams might have changed many times as you matured. Some guys knew their career path as a child and made it happen.

The most successful men are those who are doing what they want to do. We all have different skill levels and interests. Sometimes, you must work several types of jobs before you get to where you want to be. No one starts at the top.

An article from Huffingtonpost shares that only 30% of us are working our dream jobs. It is not always about the money. Job satisfaction means a lot in a guy’s life.

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling job? Consider going back to school or getting more training. Your new career may be something completely different. Today’s men take charge of their own destinies.

The Modern Man And His Hobbies

As a contemporary male, you can play as hard as you work. Everyone needs a little break from the job. A recent article in the Washington Post encourages people to schedule time for their hobbies. The author says that having a hobby can be beneficial to other areas of your life.

No matter what you call fun, it can be your hobby. Today, hobbies are not as gender-specific as they used to be. There are many tough guys who play football on Friday evening and go to a quilting class on Saturday. Find the thing that makes you relaxed and brings you pleasure.

You do not have to be Mozart to enjoy playing the piano. Nor do you have to be Picasso to be a decent artist. A lot of guys channel their energy into a hobby that they never knew they could do. It is all about passion.

If you have always wanted to learn a hobby, take classes or watch online tutorials. You may even find a niche that can make you a little extra cash. Modern guys are creative and innovative.

The Modern Man And His Health

A study from UCLA-Berkley states that men in 1900 had a life expectancy of 46.3 years. Compare that to current predictions of 84.3 by the Social Security Administration. We must be doing something right, because we are living longer.

Men come in all shapes and sizes. We are not a bunch of gingerbread men made from Hollywood cookie-cutters. However, modern guys should take care of their bodies for optimal health. This includes proper diet and regular exercise.

Those who smoke should consider a cessation program.

Talk to your doctor about the best diet and fitness regimen for you. It is not about being “skinny”. It is about having a healthy body that works its best. Modern guys get regular checkups with their doctor and dentist and enjoy being healthy. They are good examples for their families.

The Modern Man And Dating

The Internet and cell phones have put a whole different twist on modern dating. Still, rules of mutual respect and consideration stay the same. Women appreciate men with self-confidence who make them feel secure in the relationship. Modern men see women as equals and treat them accordingly.

You may not be ready for a relationship. It is fine to date others casually, as long as you make that clear. There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks and lively conversation. If you are in a relationship, stay true to your mate. It takes a real man to say “no” to others and be committed. Guys who cheat always end up as the losers.

If you are single, why not try a reputable dating website. Many lasting relationships were formed from blind dates. Be prudent about the information you post on line, and carefully screen your dates. Have fun meeting new people and finding interesting places to go.

The Modern Man And Travel

Years ago, most people did not travel too far from where they lived. Now, they can travel by car, bus, or plane just about anywhere. Guys who travel a lot learn more about other cultures and can discuss all sorts of interesting things. Even a trip to another state can offer beautiful sites and plenty of conversational topics.

Modern men are adventurous and seek places that are educational and exciting. Have you always wanted to do some traveling? Major airlines often run special discounts to popular destinations. If you are willing to set aside some money each month for a vacation fund, you can eventually see the places from your dreams.

As a modern male, you choose your own path and lifestyle. Make it rich with family, friends, and awesome memories. When you take care of yourself and respect those around you, people will admire you as an example of true manliness. That will always be in style.

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